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Save energy, save money

Just by taking simple actions around your home, you can save money and help protect our environment, too. The Office of Environment and Heritage have put together plenty of tips on how to save energy, from choosing the most energy efficient appliances, to calculating heating and cooling running costs, draught-proofing and cost-effective lighting.

Choosing your solar water heater or air source heat pump

Solar hot water systems absorb the energy from the sun to heat water. Air source heat pump systems draw heat from the air to heat water. Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme eligible solar water heaters and air source heat pumps are entitled to a number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

The Energy Rating Label

The Energy Rating Label, or ERL, is a mandatory comparative energy label that provides consumers with product energy performance information at point-of-sale on a range of appliances. Attached to each appliance, it allows comparison between similar appliance models through a star rating of between one and ten stars (the greater the number of stars, the higher the efficiency) and the annual energy consumption.