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energy rating lable
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The Energy Rating Label

The Energy Rating Label, or ERL, is a mandatory comparative energy label that provides consumers with product energy performance information at point-of-sale on a range of appliances. Attached to each appliance, it  allows comparison between similar appliance models through a star rating of between one and ten stars (the greater the number of stars, the higher the efficiency) and the annual energy consumption.

The ERL is known as a comparative label as the star rating and energy use allow consumers to compare appliance models of a similar size and capacity and choose the most efficient model that suits their needs.

The more stars, the more energy efficient the appliance. Efficient appliances use less electricity to achieve the same level of performance of similar models with the same size and capacity. Appliances that are labelled up to 6 stars are considered ‘efficient’ while those above 6 stars are defined as ‘super-efficient’.

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