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Hot Water Systems

RMS Services is your one stop shop for all electric, gas, heat pump and solar hot water systems.

Whether it be solar, heat pump, gas or electric storage, RMS Services has the right hot water system for your family or business.

We have a large range of energy efficient options for hot water systems from suppliers such as Sanden and Stiebel Eltron, and we are also your local Rheem Solar Specialist, with exclusive access to the highest quality Rheem stainless steel solar hot water systems and backed by Australia’s largest hot water manufacturer.

We can cater to almost any domestic or commercial application and our team of plumbers and electricians are highly trained in all aspects of installation, after sales service and repair.

We offer 24/7 emergency breakdown service and we are the approved warranty agent for any product that we stock, as well as many other brands that are on the market. Remember, at RMS Services, we service what we sell!!

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Rheem Premier® Loline solar hot water heater systemsGround Systems (Lo-Line)

Ground systems, as their name suggests, have the water storage tank located on the ground; separate to the roof-mounted panels. Rheem Loline solar water heaters are direct systems, suitable for warmer climates and areas with good water quality. Rheem Premier Loline solar hot water heaters are indirect solar water heaters specifically designed for cooler climates and areas with poor water quality.

Roof Systems (Hi-line)

Rheem roof mounted solar hot water systemsRoof systems have both the solar collector panels and water storage tank located on the roof. Rheem stainless steel roof solar systems are available in a range of Colorbond colours to compliment your roof and blend with your home’s aesthetics, at no additional cost.

What about cloudy days and overnight?

There will always be days of the year when your solar system does not collect enough energy from the sun to provide all of the hot water you need. On days like these, a boosting unit is used to “boost” the water temperature to ensure year-round comfort and convenience.

There are two types of booster option to choose from; Gas continuous-flow boosting unit or an in-tank electric element booster.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water SystemsSolar hot water systems use roof-mounted solar collector panels which absorb the energy from the sun and use it to heat water flowing to a storage tank. A solar hot water system can substantially reduce your electricity bill and can provide 65% – 80% of your hot water for free!

Higher installation costs are compensated by longer-term savings and the reduction in environmental impact. Ideally, solar panels should be positioned on a north-facing section of the roof, at an angle of approx. 35 degrees above horizontal. Angles as low as 15 degrees may be used, however the system’s performance in the cooler months of the year will be reduced and additional panels may be required in order for the system to work effectively.

There are a range of solar systems available, so at RMS Services we are happy to provide our customers with a free detailed quote tailored to the needs of your home. One of our solar specialists will come to your home and conduct a thorough site inspection and take all necessary measurements. They will then compile a detailed quote with recommendations regarding the position of the system, type of system and an all-inclusive price. We are also able to assist in claiming all government incentives as a reduction to the invoiced price upon completion of the installation.

There are two kinds of solar hot water systems available, and our solar specialists will provide you a recommendation as to which will be most suitable to your home.

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